Tuesday, April 3, 2018

White Female Trump Supporter Attacked By Two Black Women in D.C. -- Because She Supports Trump

Welcome to a world where supporting Donald J. Trump is grounds for being assaulted by black women in Washington D.C.:

D.C. police are searching for a pair of suspects who attacked a woman after she said she supported President Donald Trump.
The two black women who assaulted a white female Donald Trump supporter in D.C.

Police say the felony assault took place at around 1 a.m. on March 16 at the Surfside restaurant in the 1800 of N Street near Dupont Circle in Northwest D.C.

According to the police report, the 29-year-old victim named Maricela said she overheard a conversation between the two female suspects and their male friend. She reported to police that she become involved in their conversation and stated, "I support Donald Trump.”  
“I’m a Trump supporter. I stood by my views, then they called me a racist and then they started attacking me,” Maricela told FOX 5.
She claimed the two suspects assaulted her despite their male friend trying to step in to stop them. The victim said she took herself to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland for treatment of her injuries, the police report said.

“After it happened, I got a bruised right eye," the victim said. "My blood vessels inside my eye burst. I got a fractured finger, a bruised knee and minor bruises all over my body.”

Be careful out there if you publicly support Donald J. Trump -- liberals and Left are unhinged and they will attack you.

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