Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hilarious: Al Sharpton's brother charged in shooting murder 1 day after anti-gun march

Call this karma coming to collect:

It’s a tragic case that’s rich with irony: Al Sharpton’s half-brother – who protested with the anti-gun March for Our Lives on Saturday – has been charged with capital murder after the shooting death in Dothan, Alabama, that happened the very next day.
Kenneth Glasgow, 52-year-old half-brother of Al Sharpton, is suspected of being the driver of a vehicle linked to the Sunday murder of Breunia Jennings, 23. The shooting suspect is Jamie Townes, a 26-year-old passenger who was in the car. 
According to Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish, both Glasgow and Townes sought out Jennings because they believed she had stolen Townes’ vehicle. When they finally caught up to her, police believe, Townes shot Jennings in the head. The woman was later found dead in a wrecked car late Sunday evening. 
“Instead of him notifying law enforcement, he took matters in his own hands and jumped in Mr. Glasgow’s vehicle to find Breunia Jennings,” Parrish told the Dothan Eagle.
Odds are Rev. Al Sharpton won't lead a march on his half-brothers behalf...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

That Didn't Take Long: Gun Confiscations Start in Florida After New Gun Control Laws Enacted

Any time the Left gets gun control laws passed, it's always a prelude to gun confiscations. [IT’S HAPPENING: CONFISCATION BEGINS AFTER FLORIDA’S NEW GUN CONTROL LAWS ENACTED: ‘This is not about the Second Amendment and it’s not about the NRA,’ says mayor, Orlando Sentinel, March 17, 2018:

A Broward County judge on Friday issued the state’s first order temporarily removing guns from a person under Florida’s new gun-control laws. 
Four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition were ordered removed from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself or others. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fight Trump Fight! President Trump's DOJ Suing California Over Sanctuary Cities

This is why we elected Donald J. Trump:
After more than a year on defense against a flurry of legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, the Justice Department went on offense Tuesday, filing a suit against the State of California that alleges obstruction of federal immigration enforcement.
Filed in federal court in Sacramento, the lawsuit targets three sanctuary-focused laws that the California Legislature passed last year. Each was passed as part of a backlash against Trump’s vows to step up immigration enforcement. 
The litigation is modeled on a lawsuit the Obama administration filed in 2010 against a controversial state law in Arizona that sought to crack down on illegal immigrants, SB 1070. That case resulted in a Supreme Court ruling finding that some provisions of the Arizona law unconstitutionally intruded into Congress’ right to set federal immigration policy.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

About Time! President Trump Suggests Using the Death Penalty on Drug Dealers to Stop the Opioid Epidemic in America

Never forget: punishment must be unusual or else it serves no purpose.

In 2017, 64,000 people - overwhelming white - died of drug overdoses in America, a horrifying problem President Trump has promised to address. Well, he's coming out swinging against drug dealers, suggesting the death penalty for those convicted of peddling drugs and aiding in the deaths of thousands of Americans each year:
  President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested using the death penalty on drug dealers to address the opioid epidemic, equating providing lethal drugs with murder. "We have pushers and drugs dealers, they are killing hundreds and hundreds of people," Trump said at a White House summit on opioid abuse.
"If you shoot one person, they give you life, they give you the death penalty. These people can kill 2,000, 3,000 people and nothing happens to them." 
Trump said countries that impose the death penalty on drug dealers have a better record than the United States in combating substance abuse. "Some countries have a very, very tough penalty — the ultimate penalty — and by the way, they have much less of a drug problem than we do," he said. The remarks follow media reports earlier this week that Trump has privately praised countries like Singapore that mandate the death penalty for drug traffickers, arguing a softer approach to substance abuse won't be successful.
This is the type of leadership we need from President Trump, who is putting America lives first and suggesting those drug dealers who promote death are the true enemies the government of the United States must punish.

Put American lives, President Trump.